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CPD 150 Resume game: Group 1


Your group is in charge of hiring for a Line Cook position (see job description).

1. Determine the required education level, skill set, and experience needed for this position by using the library career databases.

2. Use the career resources to answer the given set of questions about each resumé.

‚Äč3. Decide with your group which applicant you will hire based on the information gathered from the career resources and from the resumès. You will need to justify your decision with examples and reasoning.  

Job Description

Position: Line Cook

Seeking a pantry link cook who is eager to learn. The candidate should have a combination of training, education, or experience equivalent to 2-3 years in a professional kitchen. If you have less, but think you are qualified, please apply anyway.  The ideal candidate should be able to work neatly, have great knife skills and also be able to perform with minimal supervision.

The candidate should be punctual, detail oriented, able to take direction and communicate effectively. They should possess a strong passion for food, ability to identify quality ingredients, and a basic understanding of food handling and cooking procedures. Most importantly, the candidate is enthusiastic and enjoys learning new skills. The ideal candidate must have a positive attitude and be comfortable with occasional guest interaction as we work in an open kitchen.

Salary commensurate with experience or education

Resume 1

Resume 2

Resume 3