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Visual and Performing Arts: Library Resources by Field of Interest: Research Tools and Search Tips

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Library Resources

What is a library database?

A library database is a searchable collection of different resources including articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals, streaming videos, images, and more. 

Library databases are different than Google. The information contained in databases is not freely available via a google search.  You have access to the databases as an SCC student, so when you access a database from off campus you will be prompted to login with your MEID and password.  


Databases deliver the best results when you search using specific keywords or short phrases rather than full sentences, questions, or strings of words. Thinking about your topic and different aspects of your topic can help you to identify relevant keywords. Good keywords are single words (usually nouns)  OR specific phrases (two or more words that must go together to make sense). When searching for an exact phrase, use quotations.  Here is an example of some keywords and phrases:

          screenwriting             "musical theater"           "audio production"        design          merchandising             turntablism            

Recommended Databases

View a listing of all library databases by subject.  

OneSearch basics

Watch: OneSearch in Under 3 Minutes to learn how to search the library's online resources.