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Explore interior design books, magazines, streaming videos and more through the library. 

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A library database is a collection of different sources such as magazine articles, journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos, images, and more.  You can find information about interior design by searching with a topic keyword or combination of words. Use quotation marks around exact phrases like "interior design".

Example searches:

  • "interior design"
  • "interior design" and flooring
  • "interior design" and "environmental aspects"
  • "interior design" and trends

Some recommended databases for articles on interior design:

Browse selected titles below from the SCC Library then find more print books and ebooks.

SCC Library Books and Ebooks

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Interior Designer's Portable Handbook 2/e

This convenient pocket reference helps interior designers, decorators, and architects create workable, on-the-spot design solutions by putting the latest codes and standards, costs, materials, and specification information at their fingertips.

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The ultimate celebration of the glorious world of global interior design The ultimate global celebration of residential interior design and decorating - featuring 400 rooms organized by designer from A- Z, this book goes beyond decorators, designers, and architects to highlight exquisite interiors designed by fashion designers, artists, style icons, and film stars, each of whom has made a unique contribution to the world of interior design. 

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Bold British Design

....Interiors Editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid and photographer Sarah Hogan have gained exclusive access to the studios, homes and mood boards of 20 top British creatives.With the interiors creating a visual conversation through the rooms of the houses and creative spaces, the authors reveal the history, craftsmanship, key elements and inspiration that went into creating these very personal and stylish spaces.

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Designing the Department Store

The book builds an original argument for the department store as a significant site of design production, and therefore offers an alternative interpretation to the mainstream focus on consumption within retail history. Emily M. Orr presents a fresh perspective on the rise of modern urban consumer culture, of which the department store was a key feature. 

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Mid-Century Modernism and the American Body

The first investigation of how race and gender shaped the presentation and marketing of Modernist decor in postwar America In the world of interior design, mid-century Modernism has left an indelible mark still seen and felt today in countless open-concept floor plans and spare, geometric furnishings. Yet despite our continued fascination, we rarely consider how this iconic design sensibility was marketed to the diverse audiences of its era. 

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New England Modern

Melding the region's time-honored architecture with a multi-faceted design sensibility. The past is everywhere in New England, especially in the architecture. Surrounded by all this history, is it challenging to create forward-thinking interior spaces? For a long time that was the case. But not anymore. Residents now want their interiors to exude an innovative, worldly flair. They want their spaces to embody progress and technology, to exude a cosmopolitan spirit. 

Check out select streaming videos below from Films on Demand and Academic Video Online in the library's databases

Watch Streaming Videos from the SCC Library

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Textiles and Design

From Films on Demand: Exploring the first powered looms through to graphic design and fiber optics, this video takes viewers on a journey through the innovations across the design and textile industry.

a painting by Carl Larsson

IKEA Design Inspiration

From Films on Demand: Acceptera authors drew on rural Swedish design traditions. Carl Larsson's watercolors feature domestic scenes with bright, primary colors. Intended to evoke nostalgia, they inspired interior decoration at a national level

Design Consultant

Design Consultant, Creative Closets

From Academic Video Online (AVON): Sherri is a Design Consultant with Creative Closets. Based out of Allentown, PA, Sherri and her team transform closets and other spaces into dream closets, maximizing storage space and updating the look.

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Furniture Styles

From Academic Video Online (AVON):What’s your design style? Do you prefer the excessive embellishment of the Victorian era or austere minimalism of contemporary design? Join award-winning principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design on a tour of furniture showrooms to discover the distinguishing characteristics of furniture and decorating styles,

image of fabric on a loom

Larsson's Design Legacy

From Films on Demand: Vickery inspects a whimsical weaving by the Swedish artist. She broke with convention and modernized interior decoration; her ideas of freedom of expression are still promoted by Ikea.