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Career Databases from the Library

Use these databases to search for information about different careers. You can find salary information, job duties and descriptions, education requirements, and more.

Self-Paced Tutorials

Want some more in-depth information about preparing for a job or career? Check out this self-paced Canvas tutorial which includes the following modules:

  • How to Explore Careers Using Library Resources
  • Information Skills for the Workplace

More resources can be found in the Career Research guide

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Browse ebooks from the SCC Library

The Best Jobs in the Music Industry

The Best Jobs in the Music Industry is an essential guide for those who want to explore different areas of the industry beyond the obvious routes. This second edition includes updates and even more exclusive interviews with top professionals, giving a look at how music jobs have changed and the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the industry.

Book cover

The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers

The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers will appeal to a wide range of artists, makers, designers, and photographers looking to set up and establish an arts practice or design business within the visual arts and creative industries.

Book Cover

The Stage Actor's Handbook

This definitive guide for professionals and aspiring professionals alike details best practices for everything from rehearsal demeanor to backstage etiquette. It also shares the theatre's unique vernacular, revered superstitions, and field-tested guidelines for touring, interactions with the public, and more. 

Book cover

Business for Filmmakers

This practical guide teaches readers the skills and business acumen required to build a career in the film industry from the ground up. From creating a business model, dealing with taxes and funding, finding and managing clients, networking, investing, cashflow, and planning for the long-term, Business and Entrepreneurship for Filmmakers provides real-world, pragmatic advice on navigating a freelance film career.

Book cover

A Career in the Arts

For emerging young artists, it is essential to know the histories of the different performing and visual arts, and their training and craft traditions. Additionally, understanding the role of informal learning, differences in types of institutions, approaches to teaching-learning, and the subsequent likely career impact is important.

Book cover

Fine Artists

This book, includes interviews with professionals in the field and covers the following areas: Art Media -Conceptual Art -Fiber Art -Illustration -Installation -Mixed Media -Murals -New Media -Painting -Performance Art -Photography -Printmaking -Sculpture

Search Tips for finding for books and ebooks

Search the library catalog for print books and the ebook database for ebooks to find more career related information.


For the best results, search using specific keywords or short phrases rather than full sentences, questions, or strings of words. Thinking about your topic and different aspects of your topic can help you to identify relevant keywords. Good keywords are single words (usually nouns)  OR specific phrases (two or more words that must go together to make sense). When searching for an exact phrase, use quotations.  Here is an example of some keywords and phrases:

        screenwriting             "musical theater"           "audio production"        design          merchandising             turntablism

To find books related to careers add the phrase "vocational guidance" or a keyword related to career/job searching. For example:

  • "audio production" AND "vocational guidance"
  • "resume writing" AND "musical theater"
  • "employment interviewing" AND "actor"

Watch the video to learn how to search for career books in the library catalog. 


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