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Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management: Library Resources by Field of Interest: Career Research Resources

Business, Entrepreneurialism and Management Field of Interest Icon   Career Resources and Research Tips

Career Databases from the Library

Use these databases to search for information about different careers. You can find salary information, job duties and descriptions, education requirements, and more.

Self-Paced Tutorials

Want some more in-depth information about preparing for a job or career? Check out this self-paced Canvas tutorial which includes the following modules:

  • How to Explore Careers Using Library Resources
  • Information Skills for the Workplace

More resources can be found in the Career Research guide

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Your Librarians

Your Librarians

Browse Books and ebooks from the Library.

Book cover

Advice for a Successful Career in the Accounting Profession (ebook)

Practical guidance to optimize the benefits of your accounting degree--no matter what stage of your career! 

Book cover

Marketing Professionals: : a practical career guide

Marketing Professionals: A Practical Career Guide includes interviews with marketing professionals and covers the following job areas in marketing: Digital marketing SEO (search engine optimization) and web analytics, social media marketing, graphic design, brand management, product marketing.

Cover Art

Careers: Paths to Entrepreneurship

Designed specifically for those who want to work for themselves, this volume dives deep into the many ways that individuals can translate doing what they love into a business. There are many business sectors that are ripe for entrepreneurship, including real estate, the creative arts, manufacturing, personal care services, retail, fashion, finance and so much more. 

Book cover

I Wish I'd Known This

In this book, the authors outline six challenges women commonly face on their professional journeys and map a way to accelerate through them for higher-impact careers. Readers will learn how to Set a vision, strategy, and plan for their careers Learn who they are, what they offer, and how to tell their stories Seek and act on feedback to guide their paths Prepare and practice for the best outcomes Enlist help and support from others.

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Corporate and Investment Banking

This book provides unique information to prepare graduates and newly hired corporate and investment banking professionals for a career in the global markets environment of large universal and international investment banks. It shows the interrelationship between the three specific business functions of sales, trading, and research, as well as the interaction with corporate and institutional clients. 

Search Tips for Finding Books and eBooks

Search the library catalog for print books and the ebook database for ebooks to find more career related information.

For the best results, search using specific keywords or short phrases rather than full sentences, questions, or strings of words. Thinking about your topic and different aspects of your topic can help you to identify relevant keywords. Good keywords are single words (usually nouns)  OR specific phrases (two or more words that must go together to make sense). When searching for an exact phrase, use quotations.  Here is an example of some keywords and phrases:

 "marketing plans"             "hospitality law"               "human resources"               ethics               "culinary techniques"       

To find books related to careers add the phrase "vocational guidance" or a keyword related to career/job searching. For example:

  • "human resources" AND "vocational guidance"
  • "resume writing" AND hospitality
  • "employment interviewing" AND accounting

Browse the Shelves

Books in the library are organized by subject. This makes it very easy to browse the shelves to see what is available in a specific subject area. Books related to Business, Entrepreneurialism & Management begin with the H call number section of the library. Look on the ends of the book shelves to find this section, or just ask a librarian.

You can see where books on other subjects are located in the library by looking at the Library of Congress subject classification. 

Search Library Resources by Field of Interest

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