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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Faculty Library Info: Library Resources for Faculty

Do you ever wonder...?

...what can the library do for my students and me?  The SCC library provides an array of valuable resources and services to support the research and information needs of the college curriculum.  Explore what's available to support and enhance courses and help students succeed.

Library Resources for Faculty

Clip art of a teacher Information Literacy Instruction

Information Studies (formerly Library) Faculty are the information literacy experts on campus. Information Literacy is a discipline that focuses on the retrieval, evaluation, application, creation, and dissemination of information in a variety of formats. Info Lit incorporates critical thinking and analytical and problem-solving skills. It is relevant across the curriculum and is ranked highly among employers as a desirable skill for graduates to have.  IS faculty provide information literacy instruction to support the learning outcomes of an assignment, course, or program of study.

Learn more about information literacy and schedule instruction.

  Research Assignments

Great research projects start with great research assignments. Let us help you design an effective assignment that...

  • uses appropriate research terminology

  • ensures required resources are available through the library 

  • incorporates appropriate resources into the assignment requirements

  • directs students to research assistance

Hey, while you're thinking of research assistance, how about scheduling your class for information literacy instruction. 

Research Databases

The library provides access to many databases covering a wide range of subject areas.  Search for full-text ebooks, articles, streaming videos, images, and more. These are easily embedded or linked directly within Canvas courses

Canvas logoCanvas Enhancements

There are so many great library resources that can be added to your Canvas course including:

  • Custom made research and information literacy modules: Let us create modules tailored to your class 

  • "Turn Key" Getting Started with Library Research modules. Choose from any or all of these to be imported to your Canvas course.

    • What is Research?

    • Getting Started with Research

    • OneSearch Basics

    • Evaluating Sources with SIFT

    • Citation Resources for Community College Researchers

    • Avoiding Plagiarism

    • Information Literacy Skills in the Workplace (This can be customized to reflect your FOI and/or course content)

    • Career Research and Exploration Using Library Resources ((This can be customized to reflect your FOI and/or course content))

  • Libguides A.K.A Research Guides: Handy resources that include research tips and recommended books, databases, or websites related to a specific class or assignment. 

  • Database resources: Articles, videos, eBooks and more can all be embedded or linked directly within Canvas courses.

 Extra Support for Students

The library has many resources that can help students who need additional support.

  • Lexile searching: Many of our databases have the option to search for a specific Lexile score or range. This can help you to find materials appropriate for different reading levels.  Ask us how to search via Lexile score. 

  • IFS courses: Credit courses focused on crucial information literacy and research skills. 

  • Ask a Librarian: 24/7 chat for one on one research assistance, or encourage students to visit the library for help.

 The best way to ensure all students receive support for their research and information needs is to work with an IS faculty member to integrate information literacy into your course. Contact to discuss how best to support your students' research and information literacy needs. 

 Additional Services & Resources

There's so much more the library can do to support your instructional work including:


Contact Us   

Your Information Studies Faculty want to hear from you.

  • Krissy Cwengros      Division Chair                              480.425.6641

  • Robin Amado             Information Studies Faculty        480.425.6765

  • Nancy Deegan           Information Studies Faculty        480.423.6648

  • Serene Rock              Information Studies Faculty        480.423.6654