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Cheffes de Cuisine

A rare woman's-eye-view of working in the professional French kitchen. Though women enter France's culinary professions at higher rates than ever, men still receive the lion's share of the major awards and Michelin stars. Rachel E. Black looks at the experiences of women in Lyon to examine issues of gender inequality in France's culinary industry. 

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La Vida Verde

Classic Mexican cooking is reinvented by vegan chef Jocelyn Ramirez, who has created knockout plant-based versions of readers' favorite dishes. Inspired by her Mexican and South American roots, Jocelyn's catering business Todo Verde, brings together health-conscious, nutritious ingredients and vibrant, familiar flavors. With simple steps and minimal ingredients, these recipes are delicious, feel-good options any night of the week. 

The Zero-Waste Chef

In her decade of living with as little plastic, food waste, and stuff as possible, Anne-Marie Bonneau, who blogs under the moniker Zero-Waste Chef, has learned that 'zero-waste' is above all an intention, not a hard-and-fast rule. In her debut book, Bonneau gives readers the facts to motivate them to do better, the simple (and usually free) fixes to ease them into wasting less and, finally, the recipes and strategies to turn them into more sustainable, money-saving cooks.

Modern Cast Iron

In Modern Cast Iron, self-proclaimed cast-iron connoisseur Ashley L. Jones recaptures the ease and joy of cooking with cast-iron cookware. Jones introduces readers to the best brands and types of cast-iron cookware to fulfill any cook's needs. She offers detailed tips and tricks for rescuing old, rusted pans and keeping them properly seasoned, and she shares recommendations for the best cooking oil for every recipe. 

The Secrets of Chocolate

In this docu-comic, we travel with the starry-eyed author, satisfying many a craving from the chef's amazing atelier above his store, trying his hand as an assistant, all the way to the Peruvian cocoa plantations where the chef shows how he carefully chooses his beans, starting from scratch.

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Our Changing Menu

Our Changing Menu unpacks the increasingly complex relationships between food and climate change. Whether you're a chef, baker, distiller, restaurateur, or someone who simply enjoys a good pizza or drink, it's time to come to terms with how climate change is affecting our diverse and interwoven food system. 

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Bittman Bread

A revolutionary approach to making easy, delicious whole-grain bread and more This is the best bread you've ever had--best tasting, nourishing, and easy to make right in your own kitchen. Mark Bittman and co-author Kerri Conan have spent years perfecting their delicious, naturally leavened, whole-grain bread. Their discovery? The simplest, least fussy, most flexible way to make bread really is the best. 

Black Food: stories, art & recipes from across the African disapora

A beautiful, rich, and groundbreaking book exploring Black foodways within America and around the world, curated by food activist and author of Vegetable Kingdom Bryant Terry.  With arresting artwork and innovative design, Black Food is a visual and spiritual feast that will satisfy any soul.

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Deseeding Chile Peppers



The seeds and membrane inside a chile pepper are the hottest parts. If you want all the flavor of a chile pepper but less of the heat, it’s best to remove these parts before cooking. To deseed a larger chile pepper such as a jalapeño, use a paring knife to cut off the stem and top part of the pepper. Next, use a small spoon to dig down inside the pepper. Gently twist and turn the spoon to scrape out and dislodge the seeds and white membrane. The chile pepper can now be sliced or diced to your liking. With a smaller chile pepper, such as a serrano pepper, cut off the stem and top part of the pepper. Cut the pepper in half lengthwise. Use your spoon to scrape out the seeds and membrane. Capsaicin, the compound that gives chiles their heat, can linger on your skin, so make sure to wash your hands after working with chile peppers

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Antonin Bonnet - Quinsou

Antonin Bonnets cuisine has been described as ”hypnotic”, marrying many senses. His restaurant has an elegant down-to-earth and humble atmosphere, reflecting the essence of the life journey of the chef himself. In this program we’ll get an insight of the importance of quality. Making careful use of all elements, his kitchen manages to match sustainability with elegance and excellence.

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Reconnect India

An international community of Indian chefs are championing the many tastes of India, bringing the foodscapes of their hometowns to some of the world’s finest restaurants.

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Pono Burger

Half Japanese American, Makani Carzino, was originally born in Hawaii. She is the Head Chef and owner of the high end burger restaurant chain, Pono Burger. She is a self made, powerhouse female chef, who created her own business from the ground up. Makani, with her husband Jeff, started their first restaurant, Ultimate Burger, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her and her husband speak to audience members who want to get into the retail food service industry as well as all of those interested in culinary arts as a profession.