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Eight week courses: Home

A guide to research related to compressed schedules in academia.

About this guide

This guide has been prepared by SCC library faculty to serve as an information resource about compressed/accelerated course schedules. The guide is organized into the following sections: 

1 Recommended Articles - Articles recommended to be read in preparation for the campus Dialogue Days on April 8 and 9, 2020.

2. Community College Specific Studies - Studies/articles related to compressed schedules at community colleges. 

3. Other studies - Studies/articles related to compressed schedules at other types of institutions.

4. Further research - Suggestions for further research, including search engines/databases and keywords.+


Please note that definitions of accelerated schedules vary widely between studies. We have included studies that looked at a range of compressed/accelerated schedules including 8 week schedules as well as other models (week long courses, 5 week courses, etc)

After each article an author-supplied abstract has been included or we have written a brief annotation of the article. 

If you'd like to suggest a resource to add, please contact one of the library faculty.

Thank you to Sue Sanblom for sharing her research.