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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Faculty and Staff: Contact Information

Contact & Location

Scottsdale Community College Library
9000 E Chaparral Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Library Faculty & Staff

Danielle Carlock Information Studies Faculty 480.425.6765
Krissy Cwengros Division Chair 480.425.6641
Nancy Deegan Information Studies Faculty 480.423-6648
Serene Rock Information Studies Faculty 480.423.6654
Kirsten MacLeod Division Admin Specialist Senior 480.423.6638 
Nancy Iwanicki Library Specialist Supervisor 480.423.6647 
Alicia Edmonds Library Specialist 480.423.6643
Richard McQuesten Library Technician 480.423.6651

CTL Faculty and Staff

Dr. Lisa Young Faculty Director   480.423.6222
Regina Harrison Learning Facilitator 480.425.6713
Melissa Verschage Instructional Designer 480.425.6408

Library Map

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