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Eight week courses: Recommended Articles

A guide to research related to compressed schedules in academia.

Recommended Articles

  1. EAB Presentation: Closing the Part-Time Student Success Gap (Feb. 2020)

  2. Success Rates for Students Taking Compressed and Regular Length Developmental Courses in the Community College (2009) 

  3. Impact of Course Length on Student Learning (2006)

  4. Improving Student Outcomes Utilizing 8-Week Courses: Considering its Feasibility for Ivy Tech Community College (Nov. 2017)

  5. Achieving the Dream - Meyer Award: Odessa (2018)

  6. Academic Performance in Compressed Courses:  

  7.  Improving community college completion rates by addressing structural and motivational barriers (2018): (not specific to 8-week, but rather the mindset and need to change and adapt to students’ needs.)

  8. Sue Sanblom's presentation on 8-weeks

  9. Preventing Early Attrition: Pathing Students to Success from Application Through the First Year