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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is information literacy?

Information Literacy is a discipline which focuses on the retrieval, evaluation, application, creation, and dissemination of information in a variety of formats. Info Lit incorporates critical thinking and analytical and problem solving skills. It is relevant across all disciplines and is ranked highly among employers as a desirable skill for graduates to have.

Can I book one of the rooms in the library for my class? Can I bring my class to the library?

The library classrooms are reserved for pre-scheduled information literacy instruction with a Library faculty member or research follow up sessions after an instruction session. The computers in the library are available on a first come, first serve basis. These computers are for the use of the entire student body and cannot be reserved for classes. If you need a computer classroom, you can book one through 25Live.  

If you require use of the library or library resources for a purpose not outlined above, please contact

Are library resources considered OER?

Library resources are not OER, but they are available to SCC students without any additional cost. The library provides access to scholarly and high quality publications in a variety of source formats including articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and images.  These can easily be linked and/or embedded into Canvas courses making them ideal for course readings or viewing. 

Does the library have a copy of my textbook?

If you would like your students to have access to the textbook in the library, please provide a copy to place on reserve.

Does the library have materials related to my courses?

The best way to make sure the library has resources for your teaching area/courses is to keep us apprised of research assignments and curriculum changes. 

I really think the library should have a certain book, will you buy it? 

Please let us know if you have recommendations for materials.  For more information about how we select library materials, please see our Collection Development Plan.