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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Collection Development Plan: Procedures

Acquistion Procedures

  • Children's materials: A representative collection of children's books will be maintained to provide students of literature with the best examples of books published for children. The well-known classics in literature and the American Library Association award-winning books of each year will make up the core of the collection.
  • Best Sellers: In addition to purchasing materials directly related to the curriculum, the Library selectively acquires materials that broaden the cultural perspectives of users, provide recreational reading, and enhance individual experience. The Best Seller Collection is a separate, rotating collection of recent high-interest or popular titles. These popular, recreational, or leisure-oriented materials are selected from standard "Best Seller" lists. After three years, titles will be added to the permanent collection or deaccessioned.  
  • ESL (English as a second language): The Library endeavors to provide equal access and opportunities for those who are studying English as a second language. Materials are interfiled and shelved in the general collection.
  • Multiple copies: Multiple copies of heavily used materials may be acquired when needed. When the Library acquires a new edition of a previously held title, the older editions should be evaluated on an individual basis and retained or withdrawn.
  • Replacement copies: Missing or lost titles are not automatically replaced. Only high demand titles will be replaced. Items that have been checked out and have a “Lost” status will be evaluated for replacement regularly.
  • Reference: The Reference collection is designed to meet the need for basic factual information, introductory or overview information for specific subjects, and/or access to further information and resources. Reference sources include, but are not limited to, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, directories, indexes, statistical compilations, and handbooks. The SCC Library no longer maintains a separate Reference Collection. Print reference materials are interfiled in the general collection and items may circulate. When possible, the SCC Library will acquire eBook editions of multi-volume reference works and utilize electronic resources such as CREDO and Gale Virtual Reference Library as an alternative to print reference books. Reference titles will be deaccessioned as updated editions become available or according to the the Deselection Guidelines described elsewhere in this document.
  • Languages: Primarily English language materials will be selected. Materials written in languages other than English are acquired when they support the world language programs of the college and general interest in language and literature. 
  • Government publications: The Library is not a local, state or federal depository for government publications. Government publications are selected according to the same criteria as other materials and placed in an appropriate location in the collection.
  • Gifts: Gifts of library materials are not accepted.  Cash donations are accepted.
  • Standing orders: Standing orders may be placed for annual publications (almanacs, yearbooks, and series) needed in the collection and on occasions when every book in a series is needed.
  • Textbooks: Textbooks are not routinely purchased for the Library collection, but titles which have earned a reputation as "classics", or which are exceptional, or are the only available sources on a topic may be added.
  • Archives and Special Collections:
    • Archives: The Library houses a collection of back issues of the SCC Campus News, copies of Vortex and other campus programs, and newsletters, catalogs and schedules from the 1970s/80s.  
    • Career and College: The Library purchases a wide variety of career-related materials, including topics such as career selection, college choice, college majors, scholarships, internships, job hunting, resume writing, applications for positions, interviewing skills, career development, displaced workers, retraining, reentering the workforce, and individual vocations. The collection is reviewed annually and replacements are sought for items that are over 5 years old.
  • High cost items: The Library will consider the holdings of the other MCCCD libraries and neighboring institutions when a request is made for high cost/low-anticipated use materials.