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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Collection Development Plan: Allocation

Budget Allocation

The Library has ultimate responsibility for its materials budget. It does not assign annual allocations to subject areas or academic divisions/departments. The Library maintains the flexibility necessary to meet both anticipated and unanticipated demands for resources and to be able to take advantage of the most economical purchase strategies.

Responsibility for Collection Development

The Library accepts recommendations for library materials; however, ultimate responsibility for the overall quality and balance of the Library collection rests with the Information Studies Faculty. SCC Information Studies Faculty are responsible for taking an active role in initiating purchases and helping insure both the quality and scope of the collection. They consider reviews in general and specialized review media, standard bibliographies, user requests, course syllabi, and reserve book lists. Requests for purchase can be made in the Purchase Recommendation Form

Ordering of materials happens year-round. Deselection is completed in a five year cycle; most sections are assessed every five years, while others are on a three year or annual cycle. More information can be found about the deselection cycle later in this document. The Librarian assigned to Collection Development will be responsible for the majority of ordering and deselection (approximately 2/3).  The remaining 1/3 will be completed with assistance from other library Residential Faculty and Adjuncts. Other Residential Faculty will take one section to assess for deselection per year. Adjuncts can also be assigned deselection.