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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Collection Development Plan: Guidelines

General Selection Criteria

In order to collect materials which will support the current curricular needs of SCC, the Library chooses resources based on the following selection criteria:

  • Importance/relevance to the curriculum

  • Usage

  • Contribution to breadth or depth of the collection

  • Selection for review in relevant review media

  • Patron needs, including requirements of special populations

  • Faculty recommendation

  • Bibliographic accessibility: inclusion in important bibliographies, major indexes and abstracting services, syllabi, and databases 

  • Value/cost/quality

  • Timeliness of information

  • Depth of coverage and adequacy of scope

  • Authoritativeness and accuracy

  • Appropriateness of format

  • Special features

  • Physical space requirements

  • Maintenance costs

Professional Resources for Collection Development

There are a number of professional resources that are used in purchasing materials for the collection. These include, but are not limited to: Review journals (Booklist, Library Journal), Choice Reviews Online database, annual award winner lists (American Library Association, American Indian Library Association), and vendor catalogs.

Guides have been developed for librarians and adjuncts to learn how to use the tools for selection and ordering. Instructions on: using Choice Reviews Online for selection; using ProQuest Oasis for ordering materials, and; using  ECM for ordering eBooks for the EBSCO eBook Academic Collection (the primary eBook collection) can be found in W:\LBreference\SCC Library Collection Development Plan. 

Accounts need to be made for librarians and adjunct faculty using these tools. Oasis accounts need to be requested through an LTS help desk ticket/request. ECM accounts can be created on the login page by clicking “Request New Account”.

Types of Resources

Books and eBooks:  In selecting books, the major emphasis is on acquiring new or current titles, although important retrospective titles may be acquired when appropriate for the collection. The Library will always attempt to obtain the latest edition of a title except in rare instances when an earlier edition may be preferred.  

In addition to the general selection criteria, eBook selections will be subject to the criteria for electronic resources.  The SCC Library will account for the college’s course modalities in collection access. For example, if the campus offers 60% of classes online, the Library collection will strive to mirror that through collecting more eBooks than print books.

The following criteria may also be considered along with the General Selection Criteria:

  • Availability of simultaneous multi-user access,

  • Support for online/hybrid courses

  • eBook platforms already in use

  • eBook accessibility

  • Download, print and email capabilities

  • Quick fact look up v. extended reading

  • Access v. ownership

Periodicals:  In selecting periodicals the following additional criteria will be considered along with the General Selection Criteria:

  • Indexing in available databases

  • Availability at other local libraries

  • Availability through full-text databases

  • Availability of back files

  • Demand by users (college defined), dependent on funds available

  • Recurring/ongoing costs

  • Scope, audience level

  • Accreditation requirements

Newspapers: The Library subscribes to a number of local newspapers, national newspapers, and special interest papers. Back-files will be maintained, when possible, for selected titles.

Atlases: Atlases will be collected selectively to support general reference and research needs. 

Pamphlets: The Library does not routinely acquire pamphlets. When, on occasion, such items are added, they will be cataloged and shelved with books. 

Art works: The Library maintains an in-house, non-circulating collection of art works, which are on display throughout the Library. 

Musical scores: Musical scores or songbooks will be acquired only as necessary to represent areas such as musical or cultural history and will not be purchased as performance materials. 

Videos: In choosing videos for the collection, the following will be considered in addition to the General Selection Criteria:

  • Copyright, licensing issues, and ADA accessibility requirements

  • Cost/Value/Quality

  • Inclusion in review sources and recognized lists of best films such as the AFI Top 100 films 

  • Longevity

  • Formats supported: 

    • DVD

    • Streaming media:  may be purchased if they meet criteria identified elsewhere for electronic resources

    • Blu-ray may be purchased selectively when it is the only available format or if there is a demonstrated academic need 

  • Curricular support vs. leisure

  • Public performance rights will be acquired if included in the standard purchase price.

Electronic Resources (unique to SCC): For the purposes of this document, electronic resources include: databases, streaming media, and e-periodicals:

  • Value/cost/quality

  • Distinctiveness of the resource in the MCCCD environment, the extent of overlap (if any) with other MCCCD databases, and the relationship of the database to the Library's print and other holdings

  • Usability and ease of access

  • Licensing requirements

  • Extent of coverage

  • Download, print and email capabilities

  • Importance of the resource to the academic discipline(s) and the level of expected use 

  • Comprehensiveness, durability, and accuracy

  • Currency of the information and update schedules

  • Improvement or enhancement the resource will give to existing print collection

  • Long-term viability of resources for preservation purposes

  • Accessibility of the resource under present copyright laws and licensing agreements

  • Availability from the vendor of usage statistics which are in compliance with ICOLC

  • Availability and adequacy of documentation

  • Ability to provide off-campus access through IP recognition 

  • ADA accessibility requirements

  • Ability to interface with Summon and EZproxy and to conform to MCCCD security requirements

Additional Guidelines

Gifts:  Gifts of library materials are not accepted. Monetary donations are accepted through the Development Director in Administration.

High cost items: The Library will consider the holdings of the other MCCCD libraries and neighboring institutions when a request is made for high cost/low-anticipated use materials. 

Languages: Primarily English language materials will be selected. Materials written in languages other than English are acquired when they support the world language programs of the college or serve to provide equal access and opportunities for those who are studying English as a second language. 

Multiple copies: Multiple copies of heavily used materials may be acquired when needed. When the Library acquires a new edition of a previously held title, the older editions should be evaluated on an individual basis and retained or withdrawn. 

Paperbacks: Hardbound books are preferred for their greater durability. Paperbacks may be purchased for topics that change rapidly, for books that are frequently updated and replaced, when duplicate copies of a particular book are needed, when demand is expected to be short-lived, when a hardcover is unavailable, or when the cost difference is substantial and the book is not expected to have heavy use. 

Replacement copies: Missing or lost titles are not automatically replaced. Only high demand titles will be replaced. Items that have been checked out and have a “Lost” status will be evaluated for replacement annually. 

Reprints: Reprints may be purchased when that is the only method of acquiring an important title and no reasonable substitute is available. 

Standing orders: Standing orders may be placed for annual publications (almanacs, yearbooks, and series) needed in the collection and on occasions when every book in a series is needed.