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ENH291: Step 4: Search Results

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Examine Search Results

  1. Click on a title from the results list to connect to the full text and to get more information about it.  You will be able to view the author, publication information, etc.

  2. Other helpful information that you may find is a list of keywords or subject terms.  Think of these terms as tags that have been selected because they are keywords closely associated with the content of the article, book, or video.  In other words, if you like the source, try using the suggested keywords in a search statement to find more like it. 

  3. You can also find tools for printing, emailing, and citing. Also, see the Citation Guide tab at the top of the page for more info on citing. 

Below is an example of an article record from a database.  Each database may look different but there are similar features that you can look for. Click on the plus signs in the image below for more information about these features.


Next Steps

  1. Read the abstracts (summaries) of articles or skim through sources before deciding if it is a good source for you. Don't rely just on the title.  As you read, take note of important keywords that you can include in your search statements.

  2. Revise search statements as needed. Try searching with different keywords and in different databases for comprehensive research.

  3. If you have any questions or need help with your research please use the 24/7 Ask a Librarian chat service or make an appointment at our Virtual Reference Desk.