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ENH291: Step 1: Background Research


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Before starting any research project, it can be helpful to gather some background information about the topic. Background information will provide you with an overview of the important issues, causes/effects, problems, and potential solutions related to your topic. It can help you understand the history as well as the current conversation around the topic as well. This background knowledge will aid in your understanding of the more complex aspects of specific issues and subtopics that you will be researching. You can use several of the library databases to do background research.

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Reference Sources

Take a look at a few reference articles linked below from some of the library's reference databases. As you explore these resources and read about your topic, you can:

  • identify subtopics, specific issues, main ideas, or key concepts

  • identify important terminology, keywords, or phrases

  • identify important/relevant people or organizations

Early Childhood Literacy

Fairytales, Nursery Rhymes, and Children's Literature

History of Childhood

Search for additional background articles in these reference databases. 

While you read through the articles, you will want to take note of specific issues and important terminology or keywords. Keywords will be your *key* to relevant search results when you begin searching for sources.