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AJS200 Current Issues in Criminal Justice
BIO105 Environmental Biology
BIO108 (Slauson) Plants and Society
BIO205  Microbiology
BIO181 General Biology (Majors)
CIS214DE (Brandt) Advanced Excel Spreadsheet
COM110 (Ortiz) Interpersonal Communication
COM225 (Kingsley) Public Speaking
CPD150 Strategies for College Success
CPD160 Introduction to Multiculturalism
DAH250 Dance in Popular Culture
DAH255 Hip Hop: Arts, Aesthetic, and Culture
DAN272/275 Dance Technology and Choreography for Film & Video
Dual Enrollment Library and research information for dual enrolled students
ENG101 (Desjardins)  First Year Composition (101)
ENG101 (Healy) First Year Composition (101)
ENG101 (Mugford)  First Year  Composition (101)
ENG102 (Aragona) First Year Composition (102)
ENG102 (Liffiton) First Year Composition (102)

ENG102 (VanderWal)

First Year Composition (102)


Nature & Environmental Literature

EQS140 Equine Behavior
EXS101 Introduction to Exercise Science
FON241LL Principles of Human Nutrition
GBS151 Introduction to Business
GBS205 Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business
IBS101 Introduction to International Business
MKT271 Principles of Marketing
MUC109 & 110 (Marschall) Music Business
NUR152 Nursing
PSY101 (Sztapka) Introduction to Psychology
PSY240 (Sztapka) Developmental Psychology
REC120 Leisure and the Quality of Life
TCM107 Career Pathways in the Media
TCM230  Motion Picture Directing
THE220 Modern Drama