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The library subscribes to over 100 electronic databases where you can search for articles from encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. You can search these databases individually, or you can use OneSearch, which will search most of the databases at once. You'll learn more about database searching in the Getting Started with Research tab. 

Welcome to the Research Guide for your Research & Shared Current Issue Assignment

Welcome AJS200 students!  Use this research guide to help you find books, articles, videos, and more for your Research & Shared Current Issue assignment. Below are examples of the types of resources and information you can find through the library. 

When you are ready to start your own research, select the Getting Started with Research tab.

Here's Some Examples of What You Can Find Through the Library

The library provides access to streaming media databases where you can watch videos about a variety of topics. Here is an example of a video from the Films on Demand database: DNA: The End of Crime

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Search for more videos related to criminal justice from the library's streaming media databases:

Browse through some ebooks below and access thousands more you can read on your computer or device through the library ebook database.
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The Citizen and the State

The Citizen and the State conducts an essential criminological analysis of contemporary justice systems, combining critical criminology and human rights perspectives. The book contextualizes criminal justice and criminal justice processes as tools of the state that impact negatively on citizens' lives.

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Guilty People

Criminal defense attorneys protect the innocent and guilty alike, but, the majority of criminal defendants are guilty. This is as it should be in a free society. Yet there are many different types of crime and degrees of guilt, and the defense must navigate through a complex criminal justice system that is not always equipped to recognize nuances. In Guilty People, law professor and longtime criminal defense attorney Abbe Smith gives us a thoughtful and honest look at guilty individuals on trial. 

Book cover

Digitize and Punish

Digitize and Punish explores the long history of digital computing and criminal justice, revealing how big tech, computer scientists, university researchers, and state actors have digitized carceral governance over the past forty years—with devastating impact on poor communities of color.

Understanding Police Interrogation

Understanding Police Interrogation provides a single comprehensive source for understanding issues relating to police interrogation and confession. It sheds light on the range of factors that may influence the outcome of the interrogation of a suspect, which ones make it more likely that a person will confess, and which may also inadvertently lead to false confessions.