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FYE: First Year Experience Resources: Diversity

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Diversity Keywords

Keywords are the key to searching library resources and unlocking great search results.  Before you begin searching, think of a few words or short phrases that relate to the main idea of what you want to find.  Here are some examples of keywords and phrases related to your Connections module.

  • diversity
  • empathy
  • intersectionality
  • "gender identity"
  • race

What other keywords can you think of?


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Books and eBooks

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Social Empathy

In Social Empathy, Elizabeth A. Segal explains how we can develop our ability to understand one another and have compassion toward different social groups. When we are socially empathic, we not only imagine what it is like to be another person, but we consider their social, economic, and political circumstances and what shaped them. 

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The Person You Mean to Be

 An inspiring guide on how to confront difficult issues including sexism, racism, inequality, and injustice so that you can make the world (and yourself) better. Many of us believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion. But how do we stand up for those values in our turbulent world? The Person You Mean to Be is the smart, "semi-bold" person's guide to fighting for what you believe in. 

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This Monk Wears Heels

This book is for anyone who's ever felt like they don't fit in. And for all those who dare to be different. Do you show who you truly are? Do you say what you really think? Or do you hide your heart's desire and camouflage yourself to look like others? The message of this book is that we can choose to love our uniqueness--and that our diversity offers hope for the world. 

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Speaking of Race

In Speaking of Race, Headlee draws from her experiences as a journalist, and the latest research on bias, communication, and neuroscience to provide practical advice and insight for talking about race that will facilitate better conversations that can actually bring us closer together.  This is the book for people who have tried to debate and educate and argue and got nowhere; it is the book for those who have stopped talking to a neighbor or dread Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Inclusive Conversations

In this book find specific dialogue strategies to foster greater understanding on the following topics: Recognizing the importance of creating equity and sharing power, dealing with the "fragility" of dominant groups, addressing the exhaustion historically marginalized groups feel from constantly explaining their different lived experience.

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How to Talk to Your Boss about Race

Reporting and personal testimonials have exposed racism in every institution in America. How do you push leadership towards real anti-racist action? In this clear and accessible guide, Hutchinson equips employees with a framework to think about race at work and helps them center marginalized perspectives.

LGBTQ Life in America

This indispensable book debunks common myths and misconceptions about the LGBTQ community while providing accurate information about LGBTQ people, their successes and shared history, and the current challenges they face in American society. It provides readers with factual, easy-to-understand information about sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Streaming Videos: Diversity

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TEDTalks: How To Resolve Racially Stressful Situations

If we hope to heal the racial tensions that threaten to tear the fabric of society apart, we're going to need the skills to openly express ourselves in racially stressful situations. Through racial literacy—the ability to read, recast and resolve these situations—psychologist Howard C. Stevenson helps children and parents reduce and manage stress and trauma. 

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How do we appreciate a culture that's not our own?

This video explores what it means to appreciate cultures that are not our own through the lens of both cultural difference and cultural appropriation.

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Social Awareness

The ability to understand the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures is such a vital life skill. Students need to understand social and ethical norms for behavior which will help them thrive in future social settings both in the workplace and everyday life.