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FYE: First Year Experience Resources: Career

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Self-Paced Tutorials and Research Guides

Want some more in-depth information about preparing for a job or career? Check out this self-paced Canvas tutorial which includes the following modules:

  • How to Explore Careers Using Library Resources
  • Information Skills for the Workplace

More resources can be found in the Career Research Guide

Career Keywords

Keywords are the key to searching library resources and unlocking great search results.  Before you begin searching, think of a few words or short phrases that relate to the career you are interested in. For some careers, there may be multiple keywords you can use.  Here are some examples:

  • "police officer", "law enforcement"
  • chef, cook, caterer, baker
  • business, accounting, marketing, finance

To find books related to careers add the phrase "vocational guidance" or a keyword related to career/job searching. For example:

  • theater AND "vocational guidance"
  • "resume writing" AND journalism
  • "employment interviewing" AND "public relations"
  • "cover letter" AND "graphic design"

What keywords relate to your potential career?


Use keywords to search for more books using the library catalog.

For search tips check out the video: Career Research: How to Search the Library Catalog 


Books and eBooks

Book Cover

Career Finder

Career Finder will help you discover what's right for you and how to go about achieving it. Understand how the world of work and careers is changing; overcome limiting beliefs, identify your strengths, skills and values and build your confidence; Identify--from the wide range of career options--the best possibilities for you.

Career Rookie

Finding the right career can seem impossible, but Sarah Vermunt is the fun-loving, straight-talking coach we all need to make feel-good work a reality.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2022

This edition features the latest resources, strategies, and perspectives on today's job market, with advice on what works--and what doesn't--so you can focus your efforts on tactics that yield results.  This manual provides essential tips for writing impressive resumes and cover letters, networking effectively, interviewing with confidence, and negotiating the best salary.

Skills for Career Success

This tool kit provides an overview of career development basics along with a catalog of critical skills, such as communicating clearly, adapting to situations, and managing time.  For each skill, there are actions you can take immediately, ongoing practices, and long-term goals. There is also advice for keeping your career on track, overcoming personal roadblocks, and finding your passion.

Book Cover

Finding a Job

Searching for and applying for jobs can be a stressful experience. Finding a Job explains how this process works, provides advice on how to find a job that is right for you, and information on topics such as cover letters and interviews.

Browse Resources

Browse career development books and ebooks.

Watch career development videos from the Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database.

Streaming Videos: Careers

Video Cover Shot

Strength Vs. Passion: What Makes a Dream Job?

In this video (2:40) you'll learn how to pay attention to your natural strengths and the work tasks that genuinely excite you for help in recognizing what defines your dream job.

Video Cover Shot

3 Body Language Tips that Will Help You Succeed in an Interview

In this video (2:34) you will learn the importance of proper body language in interviews, where the first impression you make can determine whether or not you land the job.

Video Cover Shot

5 Tips to Excel in Your Summer Internship

Internships open doors to employment opportunities. They add great experience to your resume, and if you perform well, an employer might even offer you a full-time job when the internship ends. Do everything you can to stand out. Learn how in this video (2:22).