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Library Databases

A library database is a collection of different sources such as magazine articles, journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos, images, and more.  You can find information about anthropology by searching with a topic keyword or combination of words.

Example searches:

  • Physical Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Anthropology and Culture
  • Archeology Methods
  • Archeology and Arizona

Some recommended databases for articles on anthropology and archeology:

General Research Resources

Browse selected titles below from the SCC Library then find more print books and ebooks.

SCC Library Books & eBooks

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The History of Anthropology

In The History of Anthropology Regna Darnell offers a critical reexamination of the Americanist tradition centered around the figure of Franz Boas and the professionalization of anthropology as an academic discipline in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Focused on researchers often known as the Boasians, The History of Anthropology reveals the theoretical schools, institutions, and social networks of scholars and fieldworkers primarily interested in the anthropology and ethnography of North American Indigenous peoples. 

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Field Stories

In Field Stories, William H. Leggett and Ida Fadzillah Leggett have pulled together a collection of ethnographic research and classroom experiences from around the world. Drawing on moments both unfamiliar and all too familiar to those accustomed to fieldwork, the contributors to this collection demonstrate in clear, relatable prose how intimate engagements with others in the field can present moments of rich ethnographic value that provide insight into global interconnections.

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Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology

Through a set of unique case studies written by an international group of practicing forensic anthropologists, Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology: Bonified Skeletons prepares students and professionals for the diverse range of cases and challenges they will encounter in the field. Every forensic anthropology case is unique. Practitioners routinely face new challenges and unexpected outcomes...

Book cover

Border Citizens

In Border Citizens, historian Eric V. Meeks explores how the racial classification and identities of the diverse indigenous, mestizo, and Euro-American residents of Arizona's borderlands evolved as the region was politically and economically incorporated into the United States. First published in 2007, the book examines the complex relationship between racial subordination and resistance over the course of a century. The revised edition of this highly praised and influential study features dozens of new images, an introductory essay by historian Patricia Nelson Limerick, and a chapter-length afterword by the author. 

Book cover

Experimental Archaeology: Making, Understanding, Story-Telling

Experimental Archaeology: Making, Understanding, Story-telling is based on the proceedings of a two-day workshop on experimental archaeology at the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens in 2017, in collaboration with UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture. Scholars, artists and craftspeople explore how people in the past made things, used and discarded them, from prehistory to the Middle Ages...

Book cover

Archaeology: What It Is, Where It Is, and How to Do It

Archaeology: What It Is, Where It Is, and How to Do Ithas been written as a practical introduction on the investigation of the material remains of the past which can be interpreted with contemporary historical and literary evidence. The book also explains where to find this evidence and what to do next. Many aspects of archaeological investigation are discussed, including aerial and ground survey, excavation and fieldwork, recording methods, soil sampling and small finds.

Check out select streaming videos below from Films on Demand and Academic Video Online in the library's databases

Watch Streaming Videos from the SCC Library

image from video

Virtual Archeology

From Films on Demand: The oldest ever Homo Sapien remains are digitized and the team works on facial reconstruction.

image from video

Mexico: The Zapotecs (Lands of Women)

From Films on Demand: In Mexico, there is still a community where Zapotec women rule the economy.

image from video

Physical vs Cultural Anthropology

From Films on Demand: Guenther and Martin discuss the applications of both sciences.