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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Photocopier Instructions

Copy Code

Printing FAQ's

Quick Printing instructions:
Log in to a library computer with your MEID and password. Your print account is connected to your MEID.  Students have $25 dollars automatically added to their account every semester. To add more money to your account, go to the Cashier’s Office.  
Cost to print:
  • Black and White, single-sided: 10 cents
  • Black White, double-sided: 20 cents (10 cents per side)
  • Color, single-sided: 25 cents
Only currently enrolled students can print. Public patrons do not have access to printing. 

Get Your Photocopier Code

You will need to have a copier code in order to use this machine, you have to be a currently enrolled student. Choose “Request Your Copy Code” in the left column (or click here), and on the next screen fill in your MEID and password and make note of the code; you may repeat this process if you ever forget your code. 


Log on to the Photocopier

If the keypad is dark, press the Home button (a). Enter your copier code using the keypad on the right of the screen, and then press the Login button (b).

Make Your Copies

Choose your copy preferences and press the Start button (c). When you are finished, be sure to press the Logout button (d).

How to Pay for Your Copies

Each copy will be charged against your print budget, just as pages printed from campus computers are.

If You Need Assistance

If you need assistance, please go to the Front Desk.