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SCC Library Policies: Home


Violators of these policies, the SCC Code of Conduct, or MCCCD Administrative Regulations will be asked to leave the Library. If deemed necessary, College Safety Officers will be called for assistance. Library staff members are authorized to interpret and apply these rules of patron behavior as the situation warrants.

Article I. Behavior Section

1.01 Respectful Behavior

Please show respectful behavior towards Library employees, other library users and the facility

1.02 Disruptive behavior

The library is primarily an academic space for learning, study and research. Any noise, loud talking, or physical behavior which is disruptive to others is not allowed. Please keep cell phone conversations to a minimum or go outside. Headsets should be used when listening to audio.

1.03 Food and drink/leave no trace

The library has adopted the following Leave No Trace principles of outdoor ethics to its food and drink policy: Plan ahead and prepare:

  • If you carry in snacks or drinks, avoid messy foods that may damage library material and facilities.

  • Bring drinks in sealed containers.

  • Dispose of waste properly: place recyclables in recycling bins and non-recyclable garbage in trash cans.

  • Leave library resources, furnishings, and equipment as you found them--or in better condition than you found them.

  • Be considerate of other visitors: Respect the next library user and the next generation of library users.

  • Please report spills or other custodial needs to the library employees.

1.04 Hygiene  

Library users are reminded of the following Arizona Revised Statutes:

A.R.S. 13-2917 Public nuisance

A.R.S. 36-601 Public nuisances dangerous to public health

A.R.S. 13-2908 Criminal nuisance

1.05 Non discrimination

The SCC Library expects patrons to uphold the Maricopa County Community College District’s non discrimination policy.

1.06 Quiet spaces 

The quiet study room has been designated as a quiet zone. In this area there should be no conversations and cell phones should be turned to vibrate.While other areas in the library may not be designated as quiet spaces, users should still be respectful of others who are trying to use the facility and Article 1.01 still applies.

1.07 Sleeping/loitering

Library personnel may approach sleeping patrons if there is a safety concern or it’s disruptive to other patrons.

1.08 Sexual Harassment

Library users are expected to uphold the MCCCD Sexual Harassment policy.

1.09 Viewing of sexually explicit material

In keeping with the American Library Association (ALA) Code of Ethics, SCC librarians "protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted." Therefore, it is not the Library's practice to monitor the content being viewed on computer workstations.

The Maricopa Community College District has established Technology Resource Standards that prohibit certain behaviors. The viewing of pornography may fall within two of these standards:

  • activities that would constitute a violation of any policy of Maricopa's Governing Board, including (but not limited to) Maricopa's non-discrimination policy and its policy against sexual harassment;

  • transmitting, storing, or receiving data, or otherwise using computing resources in a manner that would constitute a violation of state or federal law, including (but not limited to) obscenity, defamation, threats, harassment, and theft.

Therefore, library staff may ask a library user to cease viewing pornography, especially in cases where a complaint has been made. If the library user fails to comply with this request, campus security may be contacted. The librarian will contact Security, who will call the Police, if someone is viewing child pornography.

Library users are reminded of the following Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3507: Public display of explicit sexual materials.

1.10 Smoking 

 Library users are expected to comply with the Maricopa County Community College smoke free/tobacco free environment policy.

1.11 Substance abuse

Library users are expected to comply with the Maricopa Community College District policy on an abuse free environment.

1.12 Unattended belongings

Patrons are not to leave belongings unattended while using the Library. We are not responsible for unattended items. Unattended items will be taken to public safety.

1.13 Attire

Library users must at all times wear clothing covering the upper and lower body in addition to shoes or other footwear.

1.14 Weapons on campus

Library users are expected to uphold the Maricopa Community College District policy regarding weapons on campus.

1.15 Filming and Photography in the library

It is not permissible to photograph or film students, other library patrons, or employees in the library without their knowledge and express consent. If you would like to make inquiries about filming or photography in the library please contact the Library Division Chair, Kristine Cwengros at

1.16. Other Behaviors

Students are expected to be familiar with and uphold the SCC Student Code of Conduct, which applies in the library. Any student found in violation of the code will be subject to the disciplinary procedures outlined in the code.

 II. Access Section

2.01 Animals

The SCC Library upholds and enforces the Maricopa Community College District policy regarding animals on campus.

2.02 Bicycles and Skateboards
Bicycles may not be brought into the library. Skateboards must be carried and not left unattended.

2.03 Children on campus

Children will not be allowed on campus unless participating in an authorized college program or under the supervision of an adult.

2.04 Restrooms

Using the public restrooms for shaving, bathing, or as laundry facilities is prohibited.

Article III. Library materials, facilities and services

3.01 Borrowing Guidelines

Books: When books are 28 days past due, they will be considered Lost-Assumed and the borrower will be billed the cost of the books.

Non-Book Items: When non-book items (DVDs, periodicals etc.) are 14 days past due, the borrower will be billed the cost of the items.

Borrowers have 90 days from the assumed lost date to return overdue books and non-book items and have the debt reversed. After 90 days, previous payment for overdue items that are subsequently returned is not refundable. Replacements are not accepted in lieu of payment. 

3.02 Closing procedures-patrons will be given a warning before closing.

3.03 Displays and Exhibits

3.04 Study rooms-Library study rooms are available for individual or group study. Rooms must be reserved using the LibCal system. Only persons with current MEIDs may reserve the rooms. Only two reservations are allowed per person per week. Rooms are not available for course instruction or standing meetings. Study rooms or other library facilities may not be used for commercial purposes. 

3.05 Classes and meetings in the library

The classrooms and instructional spaces in the library are reserved for information literacy instruction with a librarian. Requests to use library classrooms and instructional spaces for other purposes will be decided on a case by case basis and evaluated based on the potential impact on students and the library mission. Contact Library Division Chair with requests.

Computers in the library are available on a first come first serve basis and are intended for the general student population, not for use by entire classes during their scheduled meeting times. If a faculty member needs a computer lab during scheduled class time, there are other options available on campus. Classes that need to utilize library resources during scheduled class time should contact the Library Division Chair at least one week prior to the class time to ensure that resources will be available and accessible to the class as well as to minimize disruption to other students utilizing the library.  We are unable to accommodate entire classes on a drop-in basis. If you would like to learn more about information literacy instruction with a librarian, please contact Serene Rock, 480 423-6654. 


3.06. Faculty office hours in the library

The library is not an appropriate location for holding faculty office hours.

3.07 Scope of Services

The SCC Library is committed to teaching and promoting information literacy, providing quality library resources and services, and supporting the curriculum and information needs of the college community.

 At the front (circulation) desk, patrons can:

  • Borrow or return books or other library materials

  • Renew library materials

  • Resolve library debts

  • Obtain directional assistance

  • Borrow or return reserve items

  • Get basic technology help 

Working with a librarian, patrons can:  

  • Get research assistance including:
    • topic selection and narrowing or focusing a topic
    • choice of keywords and search strategy
    • database or other search engine selection
    • effective database searching techniques
    • evaluation of sources
    • citation features within databases
    • basic citation assistance
  • Get answers to follow up questions from library instruction; however we do not reteach content from classes missed by individual students.
  • Direct students to basic technology assistance; however we do not have the resources to provide tutoring or instruction in how to use software or other technology.  
  • Our role is instructional. We do not do student’s homework, complete works cited pages or conduct/package research on behalf of students and patrons
  • Questions that fall outside our scope will be referred to the appropriate office. For example, students desiring paper proofreading should consult with the Writing Center.
  • We are not notaries, do not sign documents and do not proctor exams. 


Article IV. Computer/Technology Usage

4.01 Computer Usage

Users of the SCC Library are expected to be familiar with and uphold the SCC Computer Usage Policies and the MCCCD Technology Standards. Computer workstations are for computer use only. Do not sit at a computer workstation if you are not working on a computer.

4.02 Computer Usage by the Public.

A limited number of machines are available for public use. Members of the public may use the machines up to one hour per day. To use one of the machines, obtain an access code at the front desk. Printing is not available by public users. 

4.03 Wifi

There are two wifi networks available on campus. It is recommended that students use “MyWifi@SCC”. Members of the public may use the public wireless network, “SCCPublic”

4.04 Photocopiers/scanners

Photocopiers in the library can be used by students once they retrieve their copy code. Copies are then charged against the student’s printing credit (see below). Cash or credit/debit are not accepted. Free scanning to USB is also available.

4.05 Printing
Each student will receive 250 prints (equal to $25.00) per semester. After the initial 250 prints are used, additional prints can be purchased from the Cashier's Office. The cost per print is 10 cents for black and white. The prints are only available when the student is currently registered. Unused prints are non-refundable and non-transferable from one semester to the next semester.