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Careers: Industry Profiles

Career Research Guide

Why care about industries?

"An “industry” describes the collection of companies and organizations connected with producing a particular product or service, such as cars, software, health care, or energy.

Industry research can help shed light on which industries are growing and which are declining in a local area. Knowing where industry growth is high can guide you to focus your job search in a certain location, target specific companies for job applications, or strengthen your knowledge of a growing industry. Keep in mind that some occupations appear in many different industries."

~ Career OneStop

Researching Industry Profiles

Research Example

Introduction slide

This example shows how to search for industry and career profiles using the SCC Library Database, Career Cruising.

Career Cruising explore careers by industry page

Explore careers by choosing an industry from the list. 

Example of an industry overview

Read about the industry, then explore careers within that industry. 

Significant careers in the industry graph

Next, choose a specific career to research further.

Career Keyword Search

Select search for careers, then type your career keyword in the search box. 

Search results list

Select the career from the list of results to read in-depth information about it. 

Navigation menu

Explore different aspects of the career using the navigation on the left. 

Research next steps

Continue your research using the other careers resources in this research guide.