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Careers: Find Career Books and eBooks

Career Research Guide

Search the ebook database and library catalog for books about all aspects of careers such as choosing a major in college, learning about different occupations, and preparing for job applications and interviews.

Search Tips
  • Search with specific keywords or phrases rather than questions, sentences, or long strings of words.
  • Use the word AND to combine multiple keywords or phrases 
  • Use quotes "  "  around two or more words that form an exact phrase

Search Examples: 

  • careers AND marketing

  • "cover letter" 

Try incorporating these career related phrases into your searches:

  • "career development"
  • "vocational guidance"
  • "job hunting"
  • "vocational interests"

Search examples:

  • "career development" AND "information technology"
  • nursing AND resumes

Browse Books from the eBook Database

Book cover

Passion to Careers

Discover why the secret to a successful career lies in your passion! Passion to Careers: Nine steps to Building a Successful Career is essential reading for anyone looking to make a positive change in their career, or who wants to find work they'll enjoy while building a successful career they can later monetise.

Bound-For-Career Guidebook

In this guidebook for adolescents and young adults, the author outlines the experiences and tasks that will facilitate the career development process and lead to satisfaction and success.

Book cover

101 Careers in Counseling, Second Edition

This excellent career guide will be valuable for students, young professionals, and those interested in a second career in counseling. It provides up-to-date information on occupational outlooks, best and most challenging aspects of each job, and profiles of real-life counselors that provide insight into the core of the profession.

Book cover

Cannabis Jobs (ebook)

Cannabis career opportunities are beginning to take off across the country and beyond. With the rise in legalization, virtually any job in the American market can be replicated in the cannabis industry. From working in a dispensary to social media, IT to HR, marketing to quality assurance, millions of future professionals are looking at cannabis as a future career path. 

Finding a Job (ebook)

Searching for and applying for jobs can be a stressful experience. Finding a Job explains how this process works, provides advice on how to find a job that is right for you, and information on topics such as cover letters and interviews.

Book cover

Cracking the Nursing Interview

Cracking the Nursing Interview is designed to help you land your ideal nursing job. The book's unique two-part organization helps both first-time and experienced nurses through the job application process, the interviewing process, job training, and everything in between.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2021

This completely updated edition features the latest resources, strategies, and perspectives on today's job market, revealing surprising advice on what works--and what doesn't--so you can focus your efforts on tactics that yield results.

Book cover

Ask the Right Questions; Get the Right Job (ebook)


This book provides a set of questions appropriate for any job candidate to ask. Review all of the questions. Choose the ones that you believe provide you with the information you need. Learn to interview the interviewer!


Use keywords to search for more books using the library catalog.

For search tips check out the video: Career Research: How to Search the Library Catalog