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CIS 214DA: Raw (Unaggregated) Datasets & Repositories

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Use this research guide to locate large raw datasets via open access sources. Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide.
On this page you can find links to open access raw datasets and repositories.  Please note that many of these sites contain both raw (unaggregated) and processed (aggregated) data.  For your assignment you must use raw datasets. If you need assistance, contact your librarian at or use the 24/7 Ask a Librarian chat service

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What is Raw Data?

Raw DataNumbers in a database spreadsheet

"Raw data consists of the facts and figures collected from surveys, experiments and other sources before they have been processed and meaning or interpretation has been applied."

Raw data often may have personally identifying information removed such as names and addresses. 

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Raw Data Sets

The following links go to repositories of data sets. Many of the sites contain both raw data and aggregated data. 

  1. Be sure you are using raw data.
  2. Be sure to evaluate any data or information you find on the open web.