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PSY 101 (Sztapka): Neurotransmitters/Neuromodulators for PPT

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Neurotransmitters/Neuromodulators for PPT

To find articles about neurotransmitters/neuromodulators, search the library databases

What is a library database?

A library database is a collection of different sources such as magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and images. You can find all these sources by searching with keywords.  If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login to the databases with your MEID and password.

Search Tips

Searching library databases is different than searching Google. Databases deliver the best results when you search using specific keywords or short phrases into the search box rather than full sentences or questions.  Use AND to connect 2 or more different keywords.  Quotations around two or more words will find the exact phrase.

  • Search Example: "neurotransmitter release" AND depression
  • Search Example: neuromodulator AND headache

Brainstorm a few different keywords that relate to the topic you are researching. Use OR to connect 2 or more synonyms or related terms. Try a few searches with different keywords to get different results.  

  • Brainstorm synonyms: headache, migraine, "cluster headache"
  • Search Example: (headache OR migraine) AND neuromodulator

Refine Your Results

In most databases, the results page gives you options to further refine the list of results (look to either the left or right side of the page).  These options include Full Text, published date, document type, etc.  

  • Always select Full Text to make sure only full articles appear in the list of results.  
  • Limit the publication date to articles from the last 10 years, except for articles that are written by the psychologist whose theories you are researching. These are articles may be much older than 10 years but are valuable sources of information.

The following are recommended databases for finding articles and information on neurotransmitters/neuromodulators: