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Real or AI? Can you tell real photos from AI generated images?: Home

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Fact Check Images and Videos

Artificial Intelligent (AI) generated images and media may be showing up in our search results and social media feeds. Being able to tell a real image from an AI creation is important. Don't be fooled by AI images! Here are some tips to help you analyze digital images. 

How to determine if an image is real or AI created: 

  1. Perform a reverse image search and a reverse video search
  2. Learn how to fact check information
  3. Know what to look for:
  4. Be skeptical! If something seems off to you, trust your instinct and use the above tools to verify the image. 


AI Image Generators Usage Precautions

Disclaimer!!!  **If you are using AI for coursework or for your job, it is crucial to talk to your instructor/employer first to determine if it is acceptable and ethical for you to do so. Failure to comply with AI usage restrictions may be considered cheating, academic dishonesty, or plagiarism and may result in a failing grade, employment misconduct, or other negative consequences.**

AI Image Generators

Using AI image generators can be fun and useful. Creating your own images can enhance your presentations with copyright free visuals, and it can allow you to express your creativity in new and different ways.  Here are a few free popular AI image generators.

Additional AI Resources

Test your AI detection skills. Look at each photo below and determine if it is real or AI created.  Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of each photo to enlarge the image.

Real or AI by Serene Rock is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0