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Mathematics: Library Resources

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Explore books, magazines, streaming videos, and more related to mathematics.

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Library Databases

A library database is a collection of different sources such as magazine articles, journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos, images, and more.  You can find information about mathematics by searching with a topic keyword or combination of words.

Example searches:

  • mathematics and "computer science" 
  • mathematics and science
  • mathematics and engineering

Some recommended databases for articles on mathematics: 

Browse Magazines and Journals

General Research Resources

Browse selected titles below from the SCC Library then find more print books and ebooks.

SCC Library Books & Ebooks

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Focus on Calculus

This book is devoted to some recent aspects of calculus. The book is addressed to a wide audience of specialists such as mathematicians, physicists, engineers and biologists.

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World of Computing

This engaging work provides a concise introduction to the exciting world of computing, encompassing the theory, technology, history, and societal impact of computer software and computing devices. Spanning topics from global conflict to home gaming, international business, and human communication, this text reviews the key concepts unpinning the technology which has shaped the modern world.

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Mathematics and Statistics for Science

Mathematics and statistics are the bedrock of modern science. No matter which branch of science you plan to work in, you simply cannot avoid quantitative approaches. And while you won't always need to know a great deal of theory, you will need to know how to apply mathematical and statistical methods in realistic scenarios. That is precisely what this book teaches. It covers the mathematical and statistical topics that are ubiquitous in early undergraduate courses, but does so in a way that is directly linked to science. 

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Mathematics: Rhyme and Reason

Mathematics: Rhyme and Reason is an exploration of the aesthetic value of mathematics and the culture of the mathematics community. This book introduces budding mathematicians of all ages to mathematical ways of thinking through a series of chapters that mix episodes from the author's life with explanations of intriguing mathematical concepts and the stories of the mathematicians who discovered them. 

Check out select streaming videos below from Films on Demand and Academic Video Online in the library's databases. 

Watch Streaming Videos from the SCC Library

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Geometry in Our Lives

From Films on Demand

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Equations: the Mathematics of Curiosity

From Academic Video Online

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Women of Mathematics

From Films on Demand