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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Google Scholar

Instructions for linking Google Scholar to the SCC Library

1. Point your browser to

2. Enter your search
   Image of Google Scholar homepage with the text "racial discrimination in housing" typed in the search field.


3. If any of the results are available for free, then you will see links in the right column
 The search results in google scholar for 'racial discrimination in housing' with the side highlighted. This highlight area indicates if the article is full text and where the full text is available at.


4. Open the Settings dialog box. (In the screen shot below you must click the three-lined menu icon on the top left to see the Settings option; Settings will be the gear icon at the top-right of the menu. This may appear differently depending on your computer, look for the gear icon. Note that you can also get to the Settings option from the first Google Scholar screen if you prefer to link to SCC before doing your first search.)
   On the search results page, or from any page in google scholar, there is a icon with three lines indicating menu options. Selecting this will pull up a menu, which has the settings feature listed. Click on the setting option or the gear icon to go to setting.


5. Click the tab for Library Links, search for Scottsdale Community College, check the SCC box, and click Save.
   Image with steps included. 1. Click on Library links 2. Type in Scottsdale Community College, hit enter 3. Check off Scottsdale Community College in the list below 4. Click save at the bottom


6. You will now see links to the SCC library's databases for those results that are available at SCC for free
   Image of the search results shown before highlighting the material that is full-text and its location which will include SCC Library now.