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Culture & Society OER: Materials by Course Prefix

SCC OER Course Materials

Check out some of the amazing Open Educational Resources (OER) that SCC faculty have created and/or remixed for their courses. These resources help save students money on textbooks while providing high quality instructional materials.

Please note, this site is not comprehensive of all OER at SCC. Instead, this site shows a variety of materials developed by SCC faculty to inspire the creation and use of OER at SCC.  The linked course materials are maintained by faculty and may not necessarily reflect the most current class resources. For more details on specific materials, please contact individual faculty.

Have you remixed, revised, or created your own OER?  Email if you would like to have your materials showcased on this site. #OERUsharing

View resources by FOI on the SCC OER Course Materials Home Page.

Communications (COM)

  1. Course: COM100: Introduction to Communications
    Instructor: Brian Davis
    OER Material: Canvas Commons Cours

Spanish (SPA)

  1. Course: SPA101:  
    Instructor: Albert Shank
    OER Material: Canvas Commons Course
  2. Course: SPA102:  
    Instructor: Albert Shank
    OER Material: Canvas Commons Course
  3. Course: SPA201: 
    Instructor: Albert Shank
    OER Material: Canvas Commons Course
  4. Course SPA202:
  5. Instructor: Albert Shank
    OER Material: Canvas Commons Course

English Humanities (ENH)

  1. Course: ENH241
    Instructor: Jared Aragona
    OER Material: The Renewable Anthology of Early American Literature (Pressbook)
  2. Course: ENH251
    Instructor: Jared Aragona
    OER Material: World Mythology, Volume 1: Gods and Creation (Pressbook)

    World Mythology, Volume 2: Heroic Mythology (Pressbook)

English Rhetoric & Composition (ENG)

  1. Course: ENG 101/102
    Instructor: Jared Aragona
    OER Material: The MLCKRB (Master List Code Key and Rule Book): An English Grammar & Style Handbook (Pressbook)
  2. Course: ENG 101
    Instructor: Jared Aragona
    OER Material: Class Exercise: Expanding into Essay Outlines (Canvas Commons Page)
  3. Course: ENG 101
    Instructor: Matthew Bloom
    OER Material: First Year Composition (Canvas Commons Course)
  4. Course ENG 102
    Instructor: Cindy Kiefer, Co-author Serene Rock
    OER Material: Claim Your Voice in First Year Composition Volume 2 (Pressbook)