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Culture Passes: FAQ

Find out information about Culture Passes at the SCC Library

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What is a Culture Pass?

The program, which is managed by the Act One Foundation, is a partnership between the Arizona libraries and area museums. The Culture Pass gives cardholders free general admission for 2 people at participating organizations when they "check-out" the admission at their participating library.

How many passes may be checked out?

You may check out one pass at a time, with up to two passes per month per household/address. 

What do I get as proof of checking out a culture pass?

You will receive a printed receipt at the circulation desk. The receipt is your ticket into the venue and cannot be reprinted. Hold on to the receipt and bring it with you to the venue. 

I need 4 tickets. Can I check out 2 passes at once?

No. The Culture Pass is only valid for 1 household/address during the seven days. Additional admission must be purchased at the venue.

How long will the pass be valid?

The pass is valid for seven days from the time of check-out. It expires at the end of the day (11:59 p.m.) on the date on the receipt. No additional action needs to be taken by the user.

Once a pass is checked out, a new pass cannot be checked out until the old one expires. It cannot be returned early.

I used my ticket at a venue on day 2. Can I get another pass before the expiration date?

No. Regardless of when the pass is used within the 7 day check out period, you can only have one pass out at a time. Once the seven days are up, another pass can be issued to the user.

May passes be used more than once?

No, each receipt is only good for 2 admissions at the same time. Venues will collect the receipts at the time of visit. The receipts also expire after seven days whether they have been used or not.

Are Culture Passes renewable?

Passes are not renewable.

Are Culture Passes reservable online?

No. Passes will be available on a first-come first-served basis. To check for availability, please review our online catalog.

Are there restrictions on the Culture Pass?

The pass will cover general admission to the venue, but not to special events/exhibits. Some participating organizations may have a few select dates when the pass cannot be used. Restrictions will be listed on both the program and the venue websites. We strongly encourage patrons to contact the venue before visiting.

Can I split the admission pass for two different days?

The admissions must be used at the same time (i.e. you cannot use “1” admission one day and the “other” at a later date).