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Statistics: Career Exploration Resources

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SCC Library Career Books and eBooks

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Mathematicians and Statisticians

... Mathematicians and Statisticians: A Practical Career Guide, which includes interviews with professionals in the field, covers the following areas of this field that have proven to be stable, lucrative, and growing professions. Statisticians College Math Professors Actuaries Research Analysts Economists

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A Dream Job As a Sports Statistician

Those who love sports and working with statistics can combine those two passions to forge a career. This book outlines a pathway for readers seeking to become sports statisticians. It cites what steps should be taken at the middle school and high school levels. It explains which courses one should take in college to move closer to the goal. It points out the myriad of jobs being created in a growing field. 

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Cutting Edge Careers in Science

The careers covered in this informative book include those of climate scientist, astronomer, geneticist, biochemist, food scientist, cartographer, and others. What the jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed along with insights from industry insiders.

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Cybersecurity and Information Security Analysts

This book explores the growing, lucrative, exciting field of cybersecurity (also called information security or InfoSec) in an approachable, interesting, inviting way, geared towards middle school and high school students.

Self-Paced Tutorials and Research Guides

Want some more in-depth information about preparing for a job or career? Check out this self-paced Canvas tutorial which includes the following modules:

  • How to Explore Careers Using Library Resources
  • Information Skills for the Workplace

More resources can be found in the Career Research Guide

Career Databases from the Library

Use these databases to search for information about different careers. You can find salary information, job duties and descriptions, education requirements, and more.

The following guides (PDF) provide assistance in getting started with using these databases:


Use keywords to search for more books using the library catalog.

For search tips check out the video: Career Research: How to Search the Library Catalog 


Library Database: Ferguson's Career Guidance

Check out the SCC Library Database, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, to learn more about becoming a professional Statistician and related careers. 


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