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Creative Writing: Resources

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In this resource guide you will find a collection of library and web resources related to creative writing and the profession of writing.  You will also find research tools and tips to help you search for more information on your own.  Utilize these resources to find information to make your writing more authentic and to improve your craft.

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Web Resources: Writer's Tools

SCC Library Books & eBooks

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Novel Ideas: Contemporary Authors Share the Creative Process

Novel Ideas provides a substantial introduction to the elements of fiction followed by in-depth interviews with successful novelists who speak with candor and insight into the complex process by which a novel is made. 

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The Science of Writing Characters

This comprehensive handbook helps writers create compelling and psychologically-credible characters that come to life on the page. Drawing on the latest psychological theory and research, the book equips screenwriters and novelists with all the techniques they need to build complex, dimensional characters from the bottom up. 

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Freefall into Fiction

This book is designed to help writers, step-by-step, to create publishable short stories, novels and memoirs. The author encourages writers to pursue their work with intention and without inhibition. 

The Writer's Portable Mentor

The book provides tools for structuring a book, story, or essay. It trains writers in observation and in developing a poet's ear for sound in prose. It scrutinizes the sentence strategies of the masters and offers advice on how to publish. 

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The Way of the Writer

The Way of the Writer is both a literary reflection on the creative impulse and a utilitarian guide to the writing process. Johnson shares his lessons and exercises from the classroom, starting with word choice, sentence structure, and narrative voice, and delving into the mechanics of scene, dialogue, plot and storytelling before exploring the larger questions at stake for the serious writer. 

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The Psychology and Art of Character Development

Create memorable, entertaining characters, by understanding the psychology that drives human behavior. Learn about: Personality, relationships, psychological dysfunction, plus the Character Profile Checklist helps you brainstorm as you bring your characters to life. Most examples focus on film, this book can also be a resource for professionals in the fields of television, creative writing, etc.