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Copyright Basics: Common Copyright Scenarios for Faculty

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Some common copyright myths

  • Everything on the internet is free to use

  • If I only use 10% of the content, I am not infringing on copyright law

  • If I don't intend to make money, it's ok to use

  • If I'm using it for educational purposes, it's ok under fair use

  • Copyright can protect my ideas

  • Everything without a copyright notice is not protected

This guide from the library at California State University, Long Beach, and this guide from the library at Lane Community College contain many scenarios you may encounter in your search and consideration of works to use in your teaching.

Summaries of Fair Use Cases

  • Cases involving text, art work, visual arts, audio visual internet, music and parody. A summary from the libraries at Stanford University.

More copyright cases

Court cases involving educational arguments for using media without permission or paying royalties
U.S. Copyright Office database of copyright cases