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Academic Misconduct Disclaimer!

Generative AI tools can be helpful and fun, however they may be prohibited for use in your courses.

Each instructor and assignment may have different requirements and permissions regarding the use of  AI tools. It is crucial to check with your instructor about their specific policy before using these tools for your coursework. 

If your instructor has permitted the use of AI, be sure to cite it as a source when paraphrasing, summarizing, or quoting text or using images.  Always check with your instructor if you are unsure of how to cite AI. Here is an example of how to cite AI.

Example: Citing ChatGPT and other generative AI.

Failure to cite AI or disclose the use of AI when prohibited may be considered cheating, academic dishonesty, or plagiarism and may result in a failing grade or another consequence as outlined in section 2.3.11 of the Maricopa Community College District’s Administrative Regulations.

What is Generative AI?

What better way for GenAI to be explained then for GenAI itself to explain what it is. I put the following prompt into ChatGPT (one GenAI tool): Provide a short paragraph that explains generative AI to a novice.

ChatGPT provided the following output:

“Generative AI is like a creative assistant for computers. It learns from a lot of information to understand patterns, and then it can make new things, like writing stories or creating pictures, on its own. It works by using what it learned to respond to prompts or input, generating content that fits the context. It's a bit like having a smart and imaginative helper that can come up with new ideas based on what it has learned. “

The video below provides a slightly more in-depth explanation of GenAI. 

GenAI Tools

There are numerous GenAI tools available with new ones popping up what seems like weekly. GenAI tools may create text and/or images and multimedia. Some common tools are: 

Generative AI by Serene Rock is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0