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DAH255: Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using someone else's thoughts or ideas as your own. Instead, quote or paraphrase the part you'd like to use and include a citation.

Quoting Correctly Means:

  1. The piece you use must be contained within quotation marks.

  2. You must include an in-text citation or footnote.

  3. You must also include a citation in either your Works Cited, Reference list or in a footnote.

Paraphrasing Correctly Means:

  1. Use your own words and style to convey another person’s idea.

  2. Use an in-text citation.

  3. You must include a citation in either your Works Cited, Reference list, or in a footnote.


  1. Giving yourself enough time.  This will alleviate stress so you can be thorough and accurate

  2. Take good notes so you don't forget where your sources came from.

  3. Getting help from your instructor, the SCC Writing Center, the Library or another trusted source.