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Social Sciences Faculty Library Guide: Geography and Climatic Studies

Library Databases

The library provides access to over 85 databases covering a wide range of topics.  A list of relevant Science Databases is provided below.  In these databases you can find magazine, newspaper, and journal articles as well as ebooks, reports, and more.  All of these resources can be embedded and/or linked in your Canvas courses.

A Sample of Geography and Climatic Studies Database Resources

The SCC Library subscribes to streaming video databases where you can watch full length videos right from your tablet or desktop.  No downloading needed.


From bowling-ball-sized hailstones to twisting tornadoes, the weather on our planet is extraordinary. But even Earth’s most extreme weather can’t compare to that seen on other planets in our solar system—let alone planets millions of light-years away. Using state-of-the-art research and amazing CGI images, Horizon recreates the most spectacular weather in the Universe. From diamond rain to clouds of molten lava, these are conditions that even the most creative sci-fi writers could never imagine.

A BBC Production. 

New Geography and Climatic Studies Books @ the SCC Library