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Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library

Interior Design Faculty: Guide to SCC Library and OER Resources: Library Liaison

Library Liaison

Welcome Interior Design Faculty!

This is your library portal, and I am your Library Liaison, Marsha Ballard.    


What does a Library Liaison do?

  • keeps you updated on new discipline specific library resources like databases, books, and periodicals 
  • collaborates with you to incorporate library resources into Canvas or course work. 
  • creates course specific resources such as research guides or Canvas modules to help your students with research

Services for Faculty

Research Resources Ready to go!

These Canvas based modules provide students with an introduction to research in the library and via the internet. They can be integrated with your current course shell, or we can work together to create customized modules.  Contact me for more info!

Marsha Ballard

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Marsha Ballard
Scottsdale Community Collge Library