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ENG102-Liffiton: Defining the Horrific

Defining the Horrific

There is a copy of this book on reserve at the Library's front desk under ENG102, but this page contains links to many of the articles found in the book.

Introduction: Defining the Horrific

1. Close to Home: Native American Genocide

2. What is Yours is Mine: Colonialism

3. The Almost Forgotten Genocide: Armenia

4. Death by Hunger: Ukraine

5. The Holocaust

6. Myths and History: Manchuria

7. There Are Bombs, and There Are Bombs: Hiroshima

8. Death by Hunger Reprise: China

9. Rwanda, Sudan, Angola: Case Studies: Post-Colonial Africa

10. With Friends like These Case Studies: Argentina and Guatemala

11. Cambodian "Autogenocide"

12. Case Studies: Indonesia and East Timor, and Bangladesh

13. Ethnic Cleansing: Bosnia

14. A Tough Neighborhood: The Middle East


Israelis and Palestinians

15. Bastard Child of the Cold War: North Korea

Epilogue: Commission by Omissior