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Scottsdale Community College Library: Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Information Literacy Competencies

The SCC Library’s Instruction Program focuses on providing information literacy instruction to students across all disciplines. The core concepts and student learning outcomes addressed within the instruction program are informed by the ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. SCC Library Faculty integrate instruction into courses by offering single and multiple classes designed to meet the research and library needs of an assignment, course, or program of study. Additionally, Library Faculty create customized lesson plans, activities, assessment tools, research assignments, online modules within Canvas, and research guides to support student learning and meet specific information literacy learning outcomes.

Why Do I Need the Library?

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Schedule Instruction

To schedule instruction sessions for your classes please submit your request or contact Serene Rock at

Please review our instruction policies. 

Policy on bringing students to the library

The classrooms in the library are reserved for information literacy instruction with an IS faculty member. Computers in the library are available on a first come first serve basis and are intended for the general student population, not for use by classes. If you need a computer lab during your scheduled class time, there are many options available on campus. Other classes, especially unannounced drop-ins, cannot be accommodated in the library without a negative impact on other students and library related learning activities. We welcome students to complete assignments in the library outside of class time, however we can only accept entire classes who are participating in scheduled information literacy instruction. Classes that require use of unique library resources should contact Serene Rock, 480 423-6654.  


If you would like to learn more about information literacy instruction, please contact Serene Rock, 480 423-6654.  


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