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Are You Smarter Than A.I.?: Detect A.I. Generated Content


Separating Fact From Fiction

Watch the video, ChatGPT: Separating Fact From Fiction to learn how ChatGPT can be used to spread disinformation as well as tips for how to detect AI generated content. 

Disinformation and ChatGPT

It's no surprise that ChatGPT and AI could be used by nefarious agents attempting to disrupt and spread conspiracy theories, but we can use the lateral reading and fact checking strategies we learned about on the previous page of this guide and in the video on this page to help us verify information and detect AI generated disinformation. 

Play the Game!: Real or Fake Text

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania developed a game to determine how well humans can detect text written by A.I.  You can play the game and see how well you are at detecting computer generated language. Human v. Robot

Use A.I. Detection Software

In addition to chatbots and A.I. search engines, there are also A.I. models that can be used to help detect A.I. generated content.  GPTZero is one of these models. It is important to note that these models, just like ChatGPT and similiar tools, are relatively new may not always produce accurate results.