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Spring 2021 Online Book Club - The Marrow Thieves: Home

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About Our Current Book

forestOur Current Read: The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

In a futuristic world ravaged by global warming, people have lost the ability to dream, and the dreamlessness has led to widespread madness. The only people still able to dream are North America's Indigenous people, and it is their marrow that holds the cure for the rest of the world. But getting the marrow, and dreams, means death for the unwilling donors.

Driven to flight, fifteen-year-old Frenchie and his companions struggle for survival, attempt to reunite with loved ones and take refuge from the "recruiters" who seek them out to bring them to the marrow-stealing "factories."


A Note about Content

The Marrow Thieves contains sensitive material and difficult subject matter that may be triggering for individuals that have been affected by violence, especially within Native communities. If you need any support while reading or after finishing The Marrow Thieves, you can find services, support, and resources on the SCC Counseling page.

How to Participate

The Marrow Thieves book coverInterested in participating? Here’s how to get started!:


Have any questions? Contact Librarian Robin Amado at