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A guide to finding sources for the BIO 105 bird PowerPoint assignment.

Peer Reviewed Articles


This guide will assist you with locating peer reviewed, scientific articles for the bird PowerPoint project. If you need any assistance, please contact Danielle Carlock at or use our 24/7 chat

What is peer review?

For your assignment, you will need to locate four peer reviewed scientific articles.

Peer review is a process which is designed to assess the validity and quality of articles for publication. Its ultimate purpose is to maintain the integrity of science by filtering out invalid or poor quality articles. Articles published in scientific journals that report research results or synthesize research results are generally peer reviewed. 

Types of peer reviewed articles

There are two types of peer reviewed articles:

1. Research

2. Review

This chart compares the two:


Now let's look at examples of the two types of articles:

1. Research-Projected changes in elevational distribution and flight performance of montane Neotropical hummingbirds in response to climate change.Birds track their Grinnellian niche through a century of climate change. Note several things about this article: (1) as a review it it not presenting the results of original research done by the authors; instead it is synthesizing research done by others (2) the format does not include a methods and results section because it isn't presenting original research.

Both types of articles can be used for the assignment.

Locating peer reviewed articles

To locate peer reviewed articles, use the databases listed on the Finding Articles tab. Short videos will demonstrate how to use each.