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BIO181 - Measles Checkpoint F: Home

Checkpoint F

Great work, you have successfully identified the parts of a citation! 

While taking a quick break from your research, you notice a newspaper article about the  disease you have been exposed to.  It mentions a study that could make the difference in  saving the remaining members of your research team.  

You must find that article to survive! 


Your next task is to:

Examine the attached newspaper article for clues (find as many as you can)

 Use the clues in different access points to find the primary research article the newspaper article is referencing.

‚ÄčHurry! Lives are at stake!  

Citation Chasing - look for clues

Here is an example of finding clues to use as keywords.  

Read articles to find clues that can be used as keywords in different information access points (Databases, Science Direct, OneSearch, Google Scholar, PubMed, etc..) 

BIO181 Citation Chasing Clues.jpg