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Welcome to the Research Guide for your Research Paper and Oral Presentation

Welcome MUC109 & 110 students!  Use this research guide to help you find books, articles, videos, and more for your research paper and oral presentation. Below are examples of the types of resources and information you can find through the library. 

When you are ready to start your own research, select the Getting Started with Research tab.

Here's Some Examples of What You Can Find Through the Library

The library provides access to streaming media databases where you can watch videos about a variety of topics. No downloading needed. Here is an example of a video from the Films on Demand database: Country Music Industry.

Check out more videos from these streaming media library databases:




The library subscribes to over 85 different electronic databases where you can search for articles from encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. Each database contains different articles and information. You can search these databases individually, or you can use OneSearch, which will search most of the databases at once. You'll learn more about database searching in the Getting Started with Research tab. 

The library provides access to books both online and in print. You can search for print books via the library catalog or ebooks via the ebooks database. Below is an ebook from the library's database. 

For information on how to search the ebook databases, check out the Getting Started with Research tab as well as the ebook guide.