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CIS 214DE: Finding Data Sets

Getting Started

Welcome CIS214 DE students.  Use this research guide to locate large data sets via open access sources and library resources. Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide.

Finding Data Sets

To locate large data sets you can search Google or in certain subscription based library databases. To search Google try the following search tips:

1. Think about who or what organization might collect the data you are interested in. Visit their website to see if they make data available. 

  • government agencies
  • nonprofit organizations
  • business/industry organizations or corporations
  • universities or academic researchers

2. Include search terms like data, data sets, statistics, or table 

Search example: criminal justice data

Search example: environment data set

3. Search for a particular document type. Often data sets are found in excel sheets or other similar document types. Use the Advanced Google Search and use the file type field to select a specific type of document. 

4. To view lists of suggested open access and subscription based data sets, select the Data Sets Lists tab